Day 3 – Thingvellir to Gullfoss

I awoke to the sound of light rain and dragged myself out of bed and into a soggy existence. My tent was wet, my groundsheet was wet, the earthworms trying to break into my tent were wet. There was a distinct lack of wind, so I quickly packed up, put on my waterproofs and set out east towards Gullfoss, about 70km away.

With no wind cycling was dramatically easier, and I made good time to Laugarvatn, a lakeside town 30kms away.

As I rolled down the hill to into Laugarvatn my left knee started to throb in pain with every stroke, so I pulled into a local hostel and asked for some ice and a few hours loitering in their restaurant. I received both, and moved into a corner of the restaurant, charging up my phone while trying to reduce the swelling in my knee. After 4 hours I decided to move on. The only campsite in Laugarvatn was closed, so I had nowhere to stay, and my knee felt marginally better.

I set off once more, being extra careful to not agitate the knee. Low gears, staying off the pedals for anything resembling a descent, even if it meant I crept down at 5km/h. After a few hours of easy riding I arrived at my final destination in the golden circle, Gullfoss.

After gawping at Gullfoss for a while, I cycled up the road to my accommodation, only to discover that they no longer provided a campground. They sent me a few kilometres back up the road towards Geysir, where I found a quiet campsite/pub. At this point my knee was in quite a lot of pain, and I was struggling to walk. I made the decision to rest for at least one full day to let the knee heal. From the location of the pain and prior brushes with knee pain I was fairly sure that I was dealing with my knee cap being pulled out of alignment by overly tight quadriceps. I iced the inflammation around the kneecap, and used my tiny roller to try to loosen any knots.

I spent the rest of the night with my leg raised on a chair, meeting other travelers and video chatting with Katie.

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