The pre-trip weekend where nothing went wrong


Time to pack the bike!

Hour 1: This box is huge, I won’t have to take anything apart!
Hour 2: This bike is huge, I might have to take everything apart!
Hour 3: Bike is finally in the box, just need to a weigh in and what do you know, 1.5kg more than my estimations.


My packed bike box weighs 27.5kg, so I have 2.5kg to play with for everything else. I have a good 6kg of clothes,camping gear and random junk, so I have to get creative.

First, the easy stuff. Clothes, most of them designed for winter, will be layered upon me until I am barely able to articulate my elbows and knees. Not enough.

I start to think about what I can strip out. Containers go first, I don’t really need a toiletry bag, and my bike tools can probably just be taped to the top tube. Boom, 300g saved. I pull of the pedals and stuff them into a jacket pocket. 400g. Spare tubes! They’ll be flying in the cabin with me.

Getting there, but I’m still well over. New plan, put my camera gear in my giant pockets, then bring as much stuff as humanly possible as carry on. This is just the worst case scenario though, so I put all this extra stuff into small storage bags and lash them to the carry on bag. If I get called out, I put my cameras into my pockets, and the dangling bags go into the space cleared out by the camera kit. Genius.

The final score:

Checked In Luggage – 30.8kg
Carry on Luggage – 8kg (not counting cameras)
Cameras in Pockets: 4kg

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