The Flight

Perth to Dubai

My plan to cleverly hide items on my person to make the weight limit were pointless in the end, as nobody cared as other passengers dragged giant duffel bags on board.

Flight was an A380 which meant lots of room to stretch out and sleep.

Dubai to Copenhagen

A few cycle tourists noticed my panniers and struck up a conversation. One had just cycled through China and Pakistan.

My bike box arrived in Copehagen safely, much to my relief.

Copenhagen to Keflavik

Arrived at Keflavik around 10pm. To my horror the bike box as crushed and torn in one corner. luckily my excessive use of tape had prevented anything from flying out the tear.

The Ride to Rekjavik

After purchasing a sim card I contacted Unnur, my Warm Showers host. She was ready and waiting, so I found a bus to take me to Rejkjavik. Luckily, I found a bus that stopped maybe 500 metres from her house. By the time the bus arrived in Rejkjavik it was almost 12pm and I struggled to stay awake as we rolled by the eerily lit landscape.

I was deposited on the roadside on the outskirts of Rejkjavic, and much to my relief Unnur soon appeared with a 4wd large enough to cram my bike box into the back. We drove home and I collapsed on the bed.


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