Day 1 – First day in Reykjavik

I woke up to be greeted by Unnurs partner Sveinn, and his friend, Gilbert. We had a hearty breakfast where I was enlightened to the existence of Skyr, a delicious cream that I am told is definitely not yogurt but tastes exactly like yogurt.

I unpacked my bike, and unfortunately it did not arrive unscathed. The rear QR skewer was shattered, so the only thing holding the back wheel to the bike was gravity. I had to borrow a QR skewer from one of Sveinns bikes, then got to putting the bike back together. It took a while, but aside from the skewer everything seemed okay.

With my bike ready to roll, I set off on a shopping trip. I needed supplies for the road ahead, a bike lock, and a replacement QR skewer. I got my supplies at Bonus, the cheapest grocery store in Iceland. It was not cheap. Except instant noodles, those were cheap. I mostly bought non-perishable carbs, like the noodles, pasta, muesli, and of course some Skyr.

I had initially planned to cycle out in the evening to Thingvellir, but my packing was interrupted by the arrival of a couple who had just finished their tour of Iceland. We talked for a while and I decided that it was too late to set out. 

The sunset that night was beautiful, so I cycled up to a local church on a hill and took my first photo of Iceland before retiring.

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