Day 4 – Tvindefossen Rest Day

Everybody loves planning days, right? The road ahead was about to fork in two dramatically different directions, so I needed to sit down and work out exactly which mountainous fairytale land I was going to visit. Going North would mean less climbing as I made my way back to the coast by way of Norways most famous fjords. Going East would take me over a few significant mountain ranges and national parks, and give me the opportunity to see yet another glacier. After much deliberation I commuted to taking the Eastern route.

As I was sitting on my hill overlooking the campsite, a loud explosion rang out through the valley. Down the hill campers scrambled around in confusion, and one carefully approached the power board I was using to charge my power banks and very carefully removed everything plugged in. My first thought was that one of my bricks had decided to detonate, so I wandered down to find that they were intact. 

They were, but the power board wasn’t. Metal plates had blown off it and god knows what it looked like inside the fusebox.

Next to the blown out power board was a man who should be dead. He was holding a charred and twisted tent peg, the sharp point melted beyond recognition. He was miming the moments leading up to the bang and everything became frighteningly clear. He had just connected his camper van to the power board, and was in the process of securing the power cable with the tent peg when he struck the shallowly dug mains power line supplying the power board. If he had not been using a rubber hammer he would likely have not escaped unscathed.

I watched in fascination as the campsite owners dug up the shallow cable line and simply rewired the broken cable before filling it over with dirt. It was maybe 20cm deep.

After hiking back up to the tent I noticed a promising sunset and hopped across a dry river bed to the waterfall where I spent the rest of the evening shooting. With no one to disturb me I clambered all over the dry rocks surrounding the falls, until I was interrupted by the arrival of two Polish hitchhikers. We chatted for a while about the state of Poland, which has just taken some dramatic steps towards fascism.



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  1. Petal
    August 2, 2017

    To head North turn to page 53 (To head East return to page 4) and I am pretty sure that last picture is just heavily modded Minecraft!

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