Day 34 – Laugerfell Rest Day

“Yahooooo! Woo! Waaahey!”

The sound of a knock off Mario caused me to jerk awake. Barely awake enough to open the tent with any degree of coordination I struggle with the zips for a minute before finally breaking free just in time to see a cyclist pedal off into the distance. What kind of cruel monster was behind the handlebars, what had broken in his frail, demented mind that he would commit such a heinous act. It’s crazy to think that he could be anyone, moving amongst us like a normal human being, hiding his vile and repulsive obsession behind an overly practised fake smile and a slightly too perfect head of hair. Please don’t disturb my sleep, I don’t appreciate it.

I continue my journey to Laugerfell wondering exactly where this place is hiding. I can seemingly see all the way to the base of the mountain, and yet I see no buildings or even a campsite. As it turns out, it’s because they decided to build their campsite at the bottom of a ditch rather than up by the road where it would make sense. 2 kilometres of steep gravel road down and I’m wondering if this place is going to be worth the painful ride back up.

The campsite is actually part of a cosy mountain lodge, and as I settle down in the toasty dining area I forget about the ride back. I spend the rest of the day chatting with other visitors and lazing about.

In the evening, it is finally cold enough to use the hot tubs. There are two, a large one which runs cool at around 28 degrees, and a smaller one which is a searing 45 degrees. I try the cooler tub for a while, but I am drawn to the smaller tub. Its hot, but tolerable. Maybe every 3 minutes you have to get out to cool in the frigid air before popping back in. I did this for hours, chatting with an assortment of visitors about our various adventures.

When I had become a prune, I had supper and pitched my tent in a nook behind lodge, safe from the wind.



  1. Tazra
    July 20, 2017

    Im crying with laughter, I love how you so elequantly described the disgust for a tool waking up a weary traveler in such a mindless way – for me if anyone disturbs my sleep like that I have much, much anger also haha

  2. Gunnar Gunnarsson
    July 20, 2017

    It is Laugarfell – not Vaugerfell – if you want to correct it.

    • Andrew
      July 21, 2017

      Good catch. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to see your house.

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