Day 12 – The Train to the Ferry to the Lofoten Islands

The train arrived in Trondheim in the early hours of the morning, and shortly after I was on the train to Bodo, the end of the line and gateway to the Lofoten Islands. I had a good 10 hours on the train which I spent mostly eating snacks and researching my upcoming rides.

The train arrived at Bodo in the evening, and I barely gave the town a glance as I made a beeline for the ferry to the Lofoten Islands. As luck would have it, it was just pulling up as I arrived at the port, and soon I was on the water heading to the tiny port town of Moskenes, on the very far tip of the Lofoten Islands.

Pulling up into the Moskenes harbour the absurd beauty of the Lofoten islands was apparent. All around us were steep mountains rising straight out of the ocean, with tiny fishing villages nestled along the coast. It was late, and once off the boat I made a quick pit stop at the local campsite, which was absolutely jam packed full of hikers, before setting off to the village of A, which appropriately is located on the west most point of the islands and serves as a fitting starting point.

In A I found a set of hiking trails and lo and behold, the hills were teeming with campers and their tents. It was a welcome sight after the endless sea of gigantic white campervans that ruin the scenery in Iceland and most of Norway. I follow one of the trails further into the wilderness, and run straight into a group of fellow cyclists. Half of them are asleep, but I greet a German couple and share a few stories before setting up and heading to bed.

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