A Mellow Meander through the Meiji Shrine

Katie attempts to make the shrine look bigger with a clever trick of perspective

Robbed of sleep and comfort by a cramped overnight flight, we shuffle our way through the typical first day priorities of getting access to internet and hard cash. Loaded, we drop our luggage off at the hostel and rush to the days first official itinerary item: Meiji Shrine. Located in the heart of the Tokyo metropolitan area, Meiji shrine is a massive chunk of forest dedicated to Emperor Meiji, of Meiji Restoration fame.

The walk to the shrine is impressive, with jumbo sized tree-lined walkways leading to jumbo sized shrine gates, leading to a disappointingly regular sized shrine.

On the way back we stopped by a secret(ish) garden hidden behind a poorly marked entrance. This garden turned out to be the highlight of the day as the hint of fall colours made for some beautiful sights.

Our day almost complete, we stop by nearby Harajuku for a quick round of people watching as mandated by the ever present itinerary before retiring to bed in our capsule hostel.

A businessman inside a garden at the center of the Tokyo CBD.




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